Fitchburg is poised to spend $50 million on its own "Cop City," following the latest national trend of building oversized and expensive police training facilities. Small cities are defined as those with populations of 50,000. With a population of just 34,000 Fitchburg is not even a small city, but is looking to spend double their annual budget of $25 million on this unnecessary project. 

Right now the economy is down, poverty is escalating, and people need affordable housing, healthcare, food, and social services – not police. Spending this money on police would be a missed opportunity to invest in the future of low-income Black and Southeast Asian communities and will not make the city safer. As we continue the fight to put community first, here’s how you can let your voice be heard: 

How to say No Cop City Fitchburg

Share and sign our

Attend Freedom Inc’s Virtual Teach In Saturday February 10 at

Attend Fitchburg Common Council Meeting on February 13 at 7:30PM at City Hall

Contact your alder if you live in Fitchburg


How to say No Cop City Fitchburg 2