FAN and FAN Action Takers participate in Campaigns as a concrete way of advancing our Policy Platform.

Campaigns are an organized way of winning objectives and demands. We can only advance our Policy Platform through well-organized Campaigns with thousands of Action Takers.

Campaigns fight injustice and advance the cause of justice by protesting wrongdoing and promoting the right thing. 

Action Takers learn about issues, policy positions and participate in the development and implementation of a strategy to win the campaign.





FAN Campaign Areas


Immigration Justice

We believe that no one is illegal on stolen land and the rights of immigrants, refugees, and all people fleeing violence cannot and should not have their rights or freedoms restricted by a white supremacist political system. The United States is an imperialistic, white supremacist superpower that has historically destablized and exploited other countries while simultaneously brutalizing and displacing Black and Southeast Asian people who have been stolen from or forced to leave their land. We believe that all people fleeing violence and oppression should have access to the same rights as all other community members regardless of immigration or refugee status.

Community Control

We keep us safe! We believe that Black and Southeast Asian, queer, and low-to-no-income communities deserve decision making power in what we need to keep ourselves safe, healthy, and liberated. Traditionally, under our capitalistic, white supremacist political system, communities of colonized people are governed and controlled by those outside of their communities (usually rich white cis men)--which limits our collective ability to gain power, build the things we need, garner the resources that increase our quality of life, practice self-determination, and come closer to freedom. Without community control, we collectively find ourselves in states of scarcity, violence, and oppression as we have little to no decision making power over what is happening to us and our people. White communities rarely have to call the police as they have the autonomy and privilege to collectively solve problems and request the resources that they need, but we do see that same privilege in communities of colonized people. Community control is a necessity for any community to be able to meet their needs and build collective power.



QTI+ Liberation

All oppressive systems exist and thrive off the restriction and denial of our sexualities and genders, and all people in the United States who do not fit the sexuality & gender norms assigned to us through capitalism are at risk of extreme violence, murder, sexual & domestic abuse, criminalization, houselessness, and isolation. This is not coincidental, rather it is an intentional result of American white supremacist capitalism. No government has the right to have any control over the bodies, relationships, and lives of queer, trans, and intersex folks.

Gender Justice / End to Patriarchy / Hands off Black Women

We must end the patriarchal system in order to protect our women, girls, trans and intersex folks, and all people outside and within the gender binary that are forced to survive under this oppressive system. We cannot only address state sanctioned violence against our communities, we must also confront our internalized patriarchy and the patriarchy that exists in the spaces we find ourselves in. We need to create methods of systematic and cultural transformation that transforms those who perpetuate patriarchal violence instead of disposing of or disappearing them. This includes cis men who are also often victims of patriarchial violence, despite how society pushes the narrative that they are benefactors of the patriarchy.





Bodily Autonomy / Reproductive Justice

The United States is a nation that has consistently benefited from the policing of people’s bodies--including, but not limited to, gender presentation, ability to have children, who people are having sex with, when and if babies are born, who has right to maternity care, and how families can sustain themselves. This policing has caused reproductive justice to become a heavily politicized issue and, despite all the arguments and laws being passed, we are still seeing colonized people die from the effects of U.S. imperialism policing their bodies. Trans people are also never acknowledged in the fight for reproductive justice, yet trans people die en mass from lack of proper reproductive and gender affirming care and should be at the forefront of these conversations. Reproductive justice also means being free from police violence and all forms of policing, having access to adequate sexual healthcare and resources, and abolishing anything that impacts our ability to bring children safely into this world and/or have an abortion.


End of Poverty

No human being, employed or otherwise, should have to experience poverty. Capitalism thrives off exploitation of the poor and working class, and for centuries we have seen wealth, power, and means of production concentrated to a ruling few while the rest of us go without: this is unacceptable. The United States is abundant in resources and anyone going without food, shelter, or safety should be seen as a political failure, but in reality, this is the result of capitalism and white supremacy working exactly as intended. On a global scale, resources must be equitably redistributed so that all colonized people can live in dignity and thrive with the resources owed to them after centuries of imperialism and extraction.